Glenn Kaiser Concert review

On November 21, (this past Saturday) I got to open the show for Glenn Kaiser. He's a Chicago blues/blues-rock musician who was the front man for one of the very first Christian rock bands, Resurrection Band. They were playing hard rock with a Christian message back when Stryper were still drawing in coloring books! Rez Band and Glenn's music have been a huge influence on me, spiritually as well as musically. Being the opening act for Glenn was a gig that I fantasized about on several occasions growing up, and I got to live that fantasy last Saturday!

I had to stop myself a couple of times from being a total fanboy. Fortunately I don't think anyone noticed. My dearest friend, Mark Sturm played percussion with me during our 30 minute acoustic set. We played and sang well, but I really need to work on my new acoustic guitar's live tone. It sounded a little thin and sometimes quite buzzy in the low end. The crowd was responsive and was really attentive. They even yelled out the, "YEAH" parts during my last song, Collective Soul's "Shine"! It was a really fun and good gig in spite of my buzzy guitar tone.

I have met Glenn Kaiser a number of times, and he has always been a sweet person. This evening was no different. Glenn is a young 62 now, and if anything he has grown warmer and friendlier with aging. He did an acoustic blues set with a number of instruments. Acoustic guitar, with harmonicas and various cigar box guitars. Some were fretted, some were fretless for playing slide. he even had this little one string diddley-bow made from a pool cue and an Altoids tin! It was an eclectic but cohesive set. The crowd loved it. Here are some links to mine and Glenn's sets.


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